About Mike Cook


Mike is a third generation business owner in Lynchburg Virginia.

He grew up working in several of his families businesses including Fast Food restaurants and Commercial and Residential property management. He operated his own business for 3 years called Mobile Business Solutions offering wireless phones and mobile web services to business owners and sales professionals.

During his wireless phone career, Mike was a member of Business Network International also serving as an Assistant Director for the organization.  It was through that experience that Mike developed a passion for Public Speaking, Training and Business Coaching. He became Certified as a Trainer, Consultant, and Coach for the Referral Institute, the worlds leading referral-training organization where he was an instructor for their Certified Networker Program.

In 2006, Mike started his company CSK Enterprises for the purpose of investing in residential rental properties, as well as offering Business Coaching and Consulting services to local businesses. 


Just 2 years later, Mike’s career took a different path when he became a volunteer with Positive Alternative Radio, a non-profit organization to help launch a new Southern Gospel radio station in the Lynchburg area.  After a few months as a volunteer, Mike was offered a full time position as Operations Manager for the new Joy FM station WTTX. He got to live his dream to become a radio deejay when they also trained him as 3-7 host.  This job gave Mike the opportunity to use many of his skills in Business Management, and public speaking on air and at concerts.  

In 2011, Mike and his wife Heather found out they were expecting their first child. At the same time the need arose for him to manage some of his families rental properties. While he hated to give up the radio opportunity, there was never a question that Family came first.  

After spending a couple years getting the properties in order, Mike was able to identify a property management company to take over the properties.

In 2013 Mike made the decision to go back to Business Coaching and Consulting full time.  Since that time he has worked with many different types of business clients.  He also worked with some other professionals to start and manage business networking groups in the Lynchburg VA area.  

In the fall of 2015 Mike Partnered with Sales Coach Mike Garrison to create a Sales focused Networking group company called Strategic Referral Team. They operated 3 groups in Lynchburg, VA and 1 in Roanoke VA while continuing with their individual Coaching practices.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.  Both Mike’s learned that they could not continue their individual Coaching practices and run the Referral group company while still having time for family.  The decision was made in the fall of 2016 to close Strategic Referral Team.

With a focus once again solely on Business Coaching, Mike Pursued a new certification for Coaching and Speaking with the John Maxwell Team at the end of 2016. He currently works with men who own businesses with 10 or less employees to help them Make a Living and Have a Life.



Meet Mike Cook

In his career, Mike has;

  • Worked in Family Business

  • Managed individual restaurants and multi units as a District Manager

  • Managed 140 Residential Rental Properties

  • Managed Commercial properties

  • Worked in Corporate and individual Sales for several Wireless Phone services

  • Started and managed 2 businesses learning from successes and failures

  • Managed a local non-profit organization including fund raising

  • Served on several non profit boards and partnered with chambers of commerce.

Mike’s vast experience in businesses from start to finish make him a valuable resource for business owners.

Mike and his wife Heather live in Madison Heights, VA along with their 2 children Lora and Stephen.  They are Members of Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. 

He enjoys spending time with family, coordinating home improvement projects on their recently acquired property, and reading books about business and religion.

Mike's Certifications

  • Certified Networker Program, Trainer Certification - Referral Institute - 2005

  • Referral Institute school of directive Coaching - 2005

  • Dale Carnegie - High Impact Presentations - 2006

  • Coach, Teacher, & Speaker Certification - John Maxwell Team - 2016

Volunteer experience